The Pixel 3’s built-in camera app is now considered to be one of the best mobile cameras available in the market. But of course since the new Made by Google smartphones have only been recently released, only a few people can actually use it. There are rumors that it will soon be rolling out to Pixel and Pixel 2 phones as well. And Wear OS users also have some good news as the update will supposedly bring new camera features like a viewfinder and shutter among others.

Given that Wear OS devices aren’t really used that much for mobile photography, we can’t really expect much from it in relation to that. The only thing you could do with your smartwatch and your phone’s camera is to remotely take a picture with it. But if you couldn’t see what you were taking a picture of, then it’s not very useful at all.

The upcoming update will supposedly change all that as you will soon be able to use your Wear OS device as a viewfinder as well if you want to take pictures remotely. You will also be able to switch on a timer if you feel like you need more time to set up a selfie or group shot. You will also be able to flip the camera around to the front-facing one or vice verse. You can even do all of these even if your phone’s screen is switched off so it should be battery saving as well.

The Google Camera 6.1 while only available for now on the Pixel 3 has been getting lots of praises. Its HDR + algorithms have been pretty exceptional. It has features like Night Sight, Top Shot, support for external microphones for vloggers, time-lapse support, among other things. So Pixel and Pixel 2 owners are pretty excited to have it available for them as well.

The update to Wear OS for the camera-related functionalities seems to have started rolling out already. Hopefully, more features will be added soon as well.

VIA: XDA Developers