Google came in pretty late to the whole podcast party, launching its dedicated Podcast app just a couple of months ago. But at least, you now had a Google-friendly place so you can listen to all your podcasts and pair it up with other Google products right? Right? Well, apparently that last part was wrong. It didn’t have support across the whole ecosystem, including Android Auto and Cast support. After the former was already dealt with, now the latter will apparently be taken care of as well.

Someone from Brazil sent a screencap tp Android Police, showing that Google seems to be rolling out an update to the Podcast app with Cast support. If you receive the update, you’ll see the Cast button on the upper right side of the app. Once you tap that, whatever podcast you’re listening to will be cast to Google devices in your house that are supported, like Chromecast or Google Home.

Actually, you could already do that before by opening the notification shade and then casting it to whichever device is supported. But that’s not really a very efficient or seamless or even power efficient way of using Google Podcast and casting it to wherever you want. So this seemingly new update is a much welcome development, if you’re using the app and want to listen to it elsewhere other than your phone.

There are still some features that we wish Google Podcast has. It would be nice to have a way to better organize your favorite podcasts, especially if you listen to a lot of them. We would also appreciate it if they will add a feature to create podcast playlists, especially if you’re going for a long drive or you need continues podcasts playing in the background while you do manual work.

But for now, you’ll just have to be satisfied with waiting for the update to arrive to your Google Podcasts app and get ready to start Casting it to your favorite Google device.

VIA: Android Police