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Summer is almost over in most parts of the world so you might be planning your next vacation. Thanksgiving and the holiday season are upcoming and we’re sure that you’re already daydreaming where to go next. There’s the Google Maps Gallery to check out and give you ideas of interesting tourist spots in different countries.

Planning to go to Paris this Christmas? Type “Paris” on the search bar of Google Maps Gallery and browse public custom maps already on the database or saved by other users. You’ll see the more popular destinations, hotels, museums, and restaurants in the City of Lovers. Most of these are recommended by others and put on maps they have customized for certain trips.

If you’re thinking of going to Hawaii, simply search “Hawaii” and see what beach options others have also recommended and added to their My Maps. You can expect to see the best resorts and destinations other people have prepared. No need to look up the Internet when others have customized plans to follow or get ideas from.

Google renamed the Maps Engine Lite to My Maps but it now comes with enhancements such as more images, place details, custom icons, and descriptions. The Android app version is ready for download, allowing the user to view maps even when mobile. Just save the spots you want to see and plot out an itinerary and share it publicly so other My Maps users can get ideas from you. Maps can be also be set on private so you don’t have to worry about potential stalkers.

google my maps android

Try the new Google My Maps desktop version HERE. Google My Maps Android app also available for download.

SOURCE: Google