Google Home Mini Coral

The Google Home Mini has been out for over a week now but has since received mixed reviews. The latest issue we heard was that it was spying on a user 24/7. As it turned out, it was a defective unit. Google immediately replaced it and has rolled out a software update as a quick fix. Google already acknowledged the problem that touch controls have been behaving incorrectly on a few units.

Another update is ready but this one may disappoint many. Google has removed all op touch functionality on the Google Home Mini. This isn’t a temporary move but a permanent one. This is to avoid confusion as soon as you get the software update by October 15. So it’s totally gone? Yes but you can have the same function by using your voice.

Just say “Ok Google”  or “Hey Google” to start a request. No need to press, hold, or tap the top of the Home Mini to say a command or control other features. Your side touch and voice will still allow you to control the volume.

The long-press Assistant is gone and so is the single-tap. It’s actually a quick response from Google. That’s customer service for you and somehow, this may give the Google Home Mini early adopters peace of mind from being “listened to”.

SOURCE: Google Home