Google’s been using cloud services for a long, long time. Way before Google Drive was even in the discussion. In case some of you somehow didn’t know this, Google actually syncs your contacts, calender, photos, apps, books, and recently Google Music. While iCloud is new to the game Google’s been doing this since Android was a baby. Simply sign into Google or Gmail and all your contacts automatically sync to your new phone. Today they’ve released a quick video as a reminder of how awesome Android is.

The video just released today by Google, shown below, highlights how simple syncing everything mentioned above with Android truly is. No additional software or apps are needed — simply sign into Google and you’re ready to rock. Backing up previously downloaded apps to a new phone is a breeze (preferably over WiFi) and I’ve been using everything else since day one.

While Google Music isn’t featured too much in the video, and still relatively new to the market I’ve been truly enjoying it. Every song I purchase (or download) on my phone, tablet, computer, or laptop all gets instantly uploaded to Google Play Music, and is then available anywhere on any device. The same goes for contacts, photos, calender appointments and more. The video is also another reminder that Google is now selling the Galaxy Nexus unlocked right on their Play Store.

Neat little video huh? I love his hair!

[via Google Nexus]