Have you ever looked at your website and thought to yourself, “Man, I wish my site could look as cool as my smartphone or the apps that I use on mobile!” If you’ve ever felt like your mobile device is prettier than when you look at your website, then the good news is that Google is bringing its Material Design sensibility to blogs through the Material Design Lite tool, which will help your blog look like the latest Android app.

The new tool will work on those that use HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. You might need a little programming or at the very least a basic understanding of coding and the backend. It is supposedly fairly easy to install and use and is framework agnostic so you can use any of the front-end tool chains that you’ve normally been using. You’ll be able to add design and functional elements like cards, click-sensitive menus, gem-looking buttons, etc. Since MDL is actually a complementary implementation to the Paper elements of Polymer, you can use the elements that you’ve chosen and apply them either as a whole or just some elements you want to use.

For CSS, you even have a theme-builder that already has some templates ready in case you don’t feel like building from scratch. There is a paint-chip color wheel so you have a clearer idea of what it will look like, color-wise. If your site is heavy on text, like marketing blogs, academic sites, etc, then MDL may be your solution as it optimizes theses kinds of sites. They have responsive templates as well, which is a must have for a lot of sites nowadays.

They have been working with web designers to make Material Design Lite not just easy, but also for users to have lots of options in terms of look and feel, design, features, etc. You can check out MDL and download it in the source link below.

SOURCE: Material Design Lite, Google