Just in time for Earth Day, Google has put out an experimental virtual reality (VR) film that users can watch on their VR headsets. This film is called “Tabel”, and it’s as interactive as they come. You’ll find yourself right at the middle of the story, or you can jump from one storyline to another. It’s your call.

Tabel” will put users in the middle of a VR environment – seated at a table in the center of an exclusive restaurant. There in the restaurant, six different storylines unfold and viewers can choose which conversation to listen to just by looking around the restaurant. You can take just one story in, or jump from one story to another via the amazing audio techniques used in the film. Check out the film below, but don’t forget to don your VR headset for this.

Of course, the story comes to a head and then the viewers themselves are taken into the story. Arguments break out, a fire breaks out from the kitchen, and that’s when the viewer becomes a central figure in the story itself.

The film is viewable as WebVR on any smartphone browsing on a Chrome browser in 360-mode. Of course, it becomes that much more immersive when you view it with your Daydream View VR headset or any compatible headset. “Tabel” is the latest in a series of experiments from Google’s Art Copy and Code project.

SOURCE: Google