Google has just launched a new version of its Google+ application. This new version is primarily focused on Google+ pages, which are aimed towards business owners. With this new version, page owners can use their Android devices to manage every aspect of their page. This means they can comment, create new posts, and interact with other users.

This update also comes with a new tool called “Find People.” This feature is designed for users to find other people and topics in a streamlined, easy to use way. This new feature should help make Google+ on Android a much more useful application for getting social with others.

The tablet version of the app has received a new magazine-style layout that looks quite stylish and functional. It is designed to take advantage of the extra screen area on a tablet, and it seems to be doing a good job of it. Besides the tablet view, Google also added a new widget for all Android devices.

So far, the app has received mixed reviews from users. One problem that keeps coming up is that users are forced to log out of their regular profile and log back in as their page. This is obviously not a very smooth way to do it, and it forces users to put in a lot of extra effort. Still, it is good to see Pages implemented in the app at all, even if it is not done as smoothly as it could be.

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