We’re one week into March and right on schedule, the monthly Android security updates are here. That is confirmed by the new factory images posted for numerous Nexus brand devices at Google’s factory image download page. Since Q4 of last year, Google committed itself to plugging security holes in the Android operating system, and these monthly updates do just that and more.

With new factory images available, we can confirm that the updates are for We have confirmed that new and updated factory images posted for the Pixel C (MXC14G), the Nexus 6P (MMB29V), the Nexus 5X (MMB29V and MHC19J), the Nexus 6 (MMB29V), the Nexus Player (MMB29V), the Nexus 9 (MMB29V), the Nexus 5 (MMB29V), the Nexus 7 (2013, MMB29V), and the Nexus 10 (LMY49H).

The accompanying security bulletin says that the patch is a fix for 16 security holes found by Android and Chrome security teams, and even other independent researchers. The bugs range from moderate to critical in severity, with the most severe vulnerability threats those that deal with remote code execution through email, browsing, or MMS.

The factory images are available, although we need to warn you that flashing these images will wipe out your whole system, including all your data. For most users, it will be better to wait for the OTA update which is sure to follow soon.

SOURCE: Google