Nothing much to say here except we’re glad that Google has finally thought of something that would assist us Android users first-hand without having to check the Internet for tips, tricks, and support. This app could be your default guide for easy troubleshooting for some of the most common issues on Android device from connectivity to GPS to battery.

In this app, you’ll see tips to get the most of your Android phone or tablet. Proactive troubleshooting guide is also provided to help you with detected issues. For those new features of your recent software update, the Device Assist will also show you information, enhancements, and improvements on performance.

While this can be a very helpful app,  this is available only to ‘US-based Nexus, Google Play edition and Android One devices running Android 5.0 Lollipop’ according to Google.

What’s good about the app is that it can detect possible issues on your phone or tablet. It’s not as detailed but general information are given that could probably help you have a better Android experience. App will also send diagnostic reports to Google about your device if there’s trouble. And if you want immediate support, you may request for a callback. App is still limited but it should be very useful.

No announcement if and when Device Assist will be available to other Android users yet but we’ll let you know soon.

Download Device Assist from the Google Play Store



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