You may well know what Google Daydream is – if you’ve not been living in a cave for the past year, you will know that Daydream is Google’s virtual reality (VR) platform for Android. And just recently, Google has released a new VR tool to the Play Store – it’s called Daydream Elements, and it’s already available for download on Daydream-enabled devices.

According to Google: “Daydream Elements is a collection of tech demos that showcase principles and best practices for developing high-quality VR experiences. The core mechanics in each demo are built to be easily configurable and reusable for your own applications.” Think of this as a primer on how to create VR apps for Daydream.

As of today, there are three VR principles covered by demos in Daydream Elements – these include Locomotion, Menus and virtual controls, and Rendering and lighting. Details to the tech demos are covered in more information available via the source link below.

The app is now available for download via the Google Play Store, and as we said, is only available for Daydream-enable devices.

SOURCE: Google
DOWNLOAD: Play Store