The Collections tab on your Google app has been there for some time already but a lot of people probably don’t know it or hardly use it. Unless you’re the kind of person who likes organizing the bookmarks and the info that you get from Google, then you’ve probably never really paid attention to it. A redesign of this feature might make you use it more as it now automatically arranges and organizes things for you but also giving you the option to arrange things yourself.

The last time that Google updated Collections was back in early 2020 so this integrated bookmarking feature is due for a much-needed revamp. 9 to 5 Google says that this new version actually organizes everything for you already and shows you the content that you’ve recently visited on your Google Search. The first thing you’ll see is a “Quick access” carousel that will show you places you’ve recently saved in Maps, frequently visited pages, and shows/movies. You can tap the edit button if you want to remove some items there.

Next you’ll see the shows & movies section where tv shows and movies that you’ve recently searched will show up and if you want to save them, you can tap the bookmark icon in the corner.
There’s also a shortcut if you want to view your entire watchlist. Google says you’re seeing these recommended shows and movies based on your related searches, saved items, and other activity that you’re doing on Google.

You can also see the Collections section next but it seems to not be the priority anymore. You can still access the collections that you previously made as well as the previous version of the tab. You now will also see a Shopping section where you will see the items you’ve been tracking for price drops and other offers. There’s a Keep researching carousel where you can see high-level product categories. Those who search for a lot of recipes will also see a Recipes section.

Having automatically generated and organized Collections will be more useful for those who like things automated for them. This seems to be rolling out to Android users now although you may have to wait a few days to see a wider rollout.