If you’re the owner of a Pixel device and you’ve enjoyed using the Google Recorder app, you now have a new way to access and backup all your audio recordings. The Google Recorder web app is now live on recorder.google.com, not to be confused with the old landing page of recorder.withgoogle.com. All the recordings on your Google Pixel device that were recorded using the Google Recorder app will show up here but only for listening and saving purposes, not for actual recording.

If you’re not yet familiar with Google Recorder, it was introduced a couple of years ago as a powerful recording tool for Pixel devices. It had real-time transcriptions which came in handy for reporters, students, those transcribing meeting minutes, and other situations where live transcriptions can come in handy. Later on it got other features like editing the video clip and social sharing through video clips.

9 to 5 Google shares that the new web app has gone live ahead of the expected schedule. But to be clear, this is just a web app for playback and cannot be used to record from the user’s laptop or desktop. The site comes with audio controls at the bottom where you’ll see play/pause, rewind 5/jump 10, a way to scrub the entire recording, and volume control. You’ll see a single or two-column layout, depending on your preference. The two-column view will show the waveform and transcription simultaneously.

You can also share the recordings through a link that they can access. You’ll also have the ability to delete it if you don’t need it anymore. Storing recordings will of course count toward your Google Drive storage so if you’re running out of space, having a convenient way to delete recordings is a good thing. We’ll probably see more features added to the Google Recorder web app later on.

However, to have access to the web app, you’ll have to update the Google Recorder web app. Unfortunately, the update doesn’t seem to be available just yet so you won’t be able to use the web app properly just yet.