Google has acquired Green Throttle Games, the company has confirmed. No details on a purchase price were given, and Google hasn’t yet said just why they purchased Green Throttle. Given the company’s history of hardware production, it livens up the rumors Google will release more hardware for the living room.

You may recall that Green Throttle removed its Arena app from the Play Store late last year, which rendered their hardware nearly useless. As others like Ouya gained momentum in Android-based gaming for the living room, Green Throttle was stuck in neutral. Google’s acquisition is a bit of a lifesaver for at least two of Green Throttle’s staff who will join Google, but there will be no Nest-like “home within a home” avenue for Green Throttle at Google, it seems.

Green Throttle had their app, but they also made their own hardware — which was/is decent kit. With moves being made by several companies to offer something compelling for your living room experience, Google could be making a gaming-centric play. Games are the largest revenue grab in the Play Store, which benefits Google directly via their 30% cut of Play Store sales.

One of the more intereting features of Green Throttle’s offering was that you could connect up to four controllers via Bluetooth to one device. Even if Green Throttle had nothing else to offer other than a hardware supply chain and that technology, it may have been worth a go for Google. We could see Green Throttle become the hardware for Google’s gaming ambitions, connecting to your tablet or smartphone while you stream content.

As for us, we’re still hoping for Chromecast gaming.

Source: Pando Daily