Google has introduced the Carrier Services to become a useful app. It enables communications services available from different mobile carriers. It delivers enhanced features for the Android Messages apps and battery-optimizations among others. While the app offers cool features, the last update has resulted to some features getting broken. For one, issues on sending and receiving SMS have been reported. The problem only occured after a recent update rolled out to the Carrier Services app. The reports have reached Google and the tech giant already discontinued the release.

Google pulled out the app update. This means those who were able to download the last version would be downgraded to the older version. Google is already checking on the issue.

Specifically, Carrier Services version 50 was problematic. After the update, a number of Android phones from TCL, Motorola, LG, Samsung, and OnePlus were not able to send and receive text messages. Related complaints have surfaced on Reddit.

The Carrier Services app somehow disabled the SMS service. If you were able to get the update, check your version. If it’s on version 50, you can downgrade by getting version 48 instead.

You can downgrade manually. Feel free to check the system settings on your phone and locate the ‘Carrier Services’ app. The link for downloading should appear there.


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