Google Pixel 4

As we would always say, it’s never too early for leaks, rumors, and speculations whenever a new flagship phone is coming. The only difference now is that with Google, it started leaking the Pixel 4 on its own. Perhaps the company wants to be ahead of everyone and doesn’t want any important information to be made known. It’s sharing official images, or just at least, teasers of the next-gen Pixel. The latest we have is a list of new features to look forward too.

Google has provided an early look so what we’re mentioning here isn’t a rumor or a leak. The tech giant released the good news on The Keyword blog. First new feature to be added is Motion Sense. It’s made possible by a motion-sensing radar. Yes, the same kind used to detecting large objects like planes will be used on Pixel 4.

Google came up with a smaller version that can read gestures and detect once the phone owner is nearby. It works with new software developed especially for the new Pixel. Soli powers Pixel’s Motion Sense features. This way, you can just wave your hands to start or pause songs, skip a track, silence phone calls, or snooze alarms.

When it comes to privacy and security, data are secured in Pixel’s Titan M security chip. They are not shared with other Google services so all information and data are stored right in your phone. Face unlock data and even Soli sensor data are saved and processed on the device. No need to go on the cloud or go online just to access sensitive data.

Next is Face Unlock. Google is changing the game by making Soli activate the face unlock sensors. As soon as you pick up the phone, it will be unlocked because the device knows it’s you. It also works even upside-down allowing more secure app authentication or payments. You don’t even have to put the screen in front of your face to unlock the device because the phone can recognize its owner.


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