Today the folks from Mountain View are back at it showing all of us Android faithful just how good their tablet app selection really is. We all know that Android’s tablet app list isn’t the biggest or the best, but with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich blending the OS the amount of quality tablet apps is on the rise. Check out the updated staff picks by Google below.

Today Google has released a new and improved list of their “featured apps for tablets” and this time it’s 5 pages long. Showing off nearly 130 different apps that they’ve deemed great for your favorite Android tablet. Whether you’re rocking the Nexus 7, a Transformer Pad Infinity, or that popular Nexus 10 they’ve got you covered.

Interestingly enough many popular tablet games like ShadowGun and Dead Trigger that were on previous lists have now been removed. We guess that makes sense given they wanted to highlight and showcase some new apps you’ve possibly never seen before. Google obviously lists classics like Temple Run, Angry Birds, and a few others, but also have Real Racing 3, and tons of apps and games I’ve never seen before listed.

Screen Shot 2013-03-27 at 10.01.13 AM

The image above is just 12 apps on the first page, but Google’s added over 130 tablet-specific apps and staff pics to more than 5 pages of quality suggestions. If you’ve been looking for a new awesome app to try, or a game to consume the week (not Bioshock Infinite) then check out the list at the Play Store by clicking here.

[via @GooglePlay]