Since there are a lot of podcasts and podcast content out there, it can sometimes be hard to search for an episode if you don’t remember the name of the show or which episode it was on. Google, being the search engine giant that it is, is now trying to help you make better podcast searches through its own podcast app, which is, of course, called Google Podcasts. They are now working on automatically generating transcripts of episodes of selected shows and so you’ll eventually be able to search in-episode.

The transcripts of the podcast episodes will be used as metadata so that users will be able to search for the shows. Even if they only remember snippets of that episode, they’ll be able to look for it because Google has been logging the transcripts they’re making onto the page source of the Google Podcasts web portal.

While an episode will always have an episode description, some more detailed than others, searching through the entire episode content was previously impossible, especially if all you remember is a name or a phrase. If you also want to do a search for podcasts based on just topics, there wasn’t an easy way to do so.

But once Google does roll out this feature, it will be really helpful to have that in-episode search function. Hopefully, this can also lead the way for users and also podcast producers to make clips from the specific shows shareable, just like you would a YouTube video. There are other things this search function can bring it so we look forward to when Google finally rolls it out.

VIA: Android Police