There may not be any loud announcement because the company is so busy at the CES 2019 floor in Las Vegas but Google is making a few changes to Podcasts. The mobile app has been available on the Play Store but features aren’t complete yet. For one, it is not integrated with Android Auto. Cast support is not available, as well as, auto-downloading. That is changing soon as the latest Google update (v8.91) is going to deliver support for Android Auto–finally.

The Google Podcast app may appear similarly to other podcast programs. You can see four categories in the app: Your Podcasts, New Episodes, Downloads, and In Progress. You will notice them in the navigation drawer.

The simple interface also shows standard Next/Previous buttons and quick shift back or forward buttons. You will notice a new audio selector for Podcasts. Make sure you download the latest Google app for most Podcast features to work.

The Android Auto-integration is also available once you update the mentioned apps. On the Podcasts menu, you can see the audio selector has a new entry.

Android Auto support for Podcasts will work but make sure you update both Google and Google Podcasts app first. The Android Auto system may need to be updated as well for new features to work seamlessly.

VIA: Android Police