Google was a bit late to the podcast party but as they say, better late than never. However when they introduced Google Podcasts, which obviously is for users to organize and play podcasts, it lacked a lot of the features and functionality that we’ve gotten used to with other similar apps. One of those things lacking was an easy way to share episodes or shows that you want other people to listen to. But now finally, they’re bringing a simple but very useful way to be able to do some sharing.

When Google Podcast first launched, sharing was actually limited to publishers. And even that wasn’t a very organic or useful way as they had to generate a link by entering a feed URL. If you wanted to promote the current podcast that you were listening to or a very interesting episode that you want your friends to listen to, you had to tell them to go and find it on the Google Podcast itself without directly linking to it.

But now there is finally a way to easily do so. Just go to the app and on the overflow menu, you’ll see a new share button. Tapping on it will lead you to your phone’s system share sheet and you can do things like choose an app like Facebook or Viber or Twitter to share the episode or show. You can also just copy the link and paste it somewhere or you can share it through the Direct Share contact.

The generated URL is useful for mobile sharing on Android devices of course. Hopefully this is just the start of their sharing features. We may also need a share option for a direct timestamp in case there is some part of the podcast that you want other people to specifically listen to.

You can check your Google Podcast app and see if the share feature is there already. Otherwise, they might be rolling it out in batches so you’ll just have to wait.

VIA: 9 to 5 Google