Google+ is in the news today. In a rare appearance by engineering SVP Vic Gundotra himself, today’s Google Plus update will introduce real-time search and full working hashtag support, much like how Twitter currently is. The new update is said to be rolling out in stages today and I’ve just tried it with no such luck but we can expect to see it available for everyone shortly. Real-time search is a big one here as shown in the video when you search for say, Androids, you get full results as well as a notification when something new is posted and can simply click to see the latest Android news (or come to Android Community of course).

The real-time search and hashtag support will bring plenty of additions to Google+ and I’m excited to see how this changes things. Searches will update automatically and very fast, and hashtags will be clickable. Now all my posts can have #androids and #androidcommunity in them so be sure to search for them, and do it often. For now check out the video from Vic himself on the latest updates.

With Google Plus being more and more mobile as things progress it will become more a part of our daily social lives, or at least that is what Google is hoping for. With an improved version for Android in 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich this is just one more thing that will make Google Plus great. The Google Search API’s are available for developers and maybe sometime soon Google will bridge Google Talk and the Huddle or Messenger feature of Google Plus. Just like Vic says in the video, these updates are currently rolling out in stages and should be available shortly today. I’ve still not been able to use a hashtag but they should be live for everyone soon.



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