Google Play Indie Games Festival

The Indie Games Festival 2021 is on a roll. By next month, Google will announce the best indie talents on Google Play. The Indie Games Festival finals for South Korea, Japan, and Europe will happen on September 4. There won’t be live events–just virtual. This means anyone can join the fun, meet the developers who created new games, and know who will be the winners. Thousands of developers have submitted their entries since June and now the judges are deliberating on the best apps and games.

Twenty games in each region have been selected and will move forward to the finals next month. This early, these finalists are getting exclusive prizes and promos that may offer their games recognition.

Indie Games Festival 2021

Here are the finalists in each region starting with SOUTH KOREA: Angel Saga (Alchemist Games Inc.), Animal Card Royale (Banjihagames), Animal Doll Shop (Funnyeve), BattleLive: Zombie&Human (PLOTRICK), Box It Up! Inc. (team TAPE), CATS & SOUP (HIDEA), Cats are Cute: Pop Time (kkiruk studio), Detective Mio (1N1), Dicast: Rules of Chaos (BSS COMPANY), Forest Island (Nanali Studios), Frontier of Fortune (Dotomchi Games Inc.), FUNKYGUNNER (FUNKY5), Group Project Simulator! (Studio806), Gun Tactics (Gimle Games), Hybrid Warrior: Dungeon of the Overlord (Cat Lab), Metro Blossom (The Sane Studio), Portal Dungeon (Oblique Line), Rush Hour Rally (Soen Games), The Way Home (CONCODE), and Titan Slayer (Touchholic).

EUROPE. Beat Workers by NaturalPad Games (France), Bird Alone by George Batchelor (United Kingdom), Cats in Time by Pine Studio (Croatia), Figment by Bedtime Digital Games (Denmark), Froglike: The Frog Roguelike by Jimjum Studios (Israel), Garson by Anastasiya Shabunia (Belarus), Gumslinger by Itatake (Sweden), Lyxo by Emoak (Austria), Psychofunk by Tommy Søreide Kjær (Norway), Railways by Infinity Games (Portugal), Sticky Terms by kamibox (Germany), Sweet Sins Superstars by Platonic Games (Spain), Tiny Robots Recharged by Big Loop Studios (Bulgaria), Tofu Drifter by Roach Games (Russia), Towers by JOX Development (Ukraine), Unholy Adventure by Dali Games (Poland), Warplane Inc by Nuclear Games (Russia), Watch Me Stream My Mental Breakdown by Ultaan Games (Poland), Woof: The Good Boy Story by CHPV.GAMES (Russia), and Zen Symmetry by 8tbl (Russia)

JAPAN. 3D Chess: NOCCA NOCCA by Curiouspark, Inc., 5colors in Nate by NekodoraSoft, Amabie san by HARAPECORPORATION Inc., Archer Battle Online by Takuya Fujieda, Cthulhu DreamStairs by Tenyu, ElectriarCode by ELECTRIAR LABO / Blue, Escape from the Closed Circle by Hanachiru, Heart of Sengoku by ZEN APP, Leaving Two Tiles Dojo by ScreenPocket, Living in the Ending World by illuCalab., MAKOTO WAKAIDO’s Case Files “Executioner’s Wedge” by HafHaf-Oden (Sukashiuma-LAB, Mini Mini Farm by CoffeeBreak, MonohakobiPro by CGO, Mousebusters by Odencat, Numpurr Card Wars by Nukenin, Parasite Days by Zxima, Quantum Transport by ruccho, Super Glitter Rush by tiny cactus studio, Survivor’s guilt by aso, and Wolf Chess by baton inc.


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