Google Play just updated to version 3.9.16. This new version brings some awesome new features that should make shopping for applications easier and more enjoyable. This update adds Wishlists, better notifications for upgrades and the ability to delete apps from the My Apps page.

The Wishlists feature is quite awesome. Any app you see while shopping in the store can be saved to your Wishlist for later access. If you’re not quite ready to take the plunge and purchase an app, you can save it for later and come back when you make a final decision. Sometimes you see an app and say you’ll come back to it, and by the time you do, you forget what it was called. Wishlist makes that not a problem anymore.

The update also includes better notifications for updates. You can now expand the list and see exactly which apps are ready for updates. This is not exactly a life-changing feature, but it is definitely convenient. You will also gain the ability to delete apps from the My Apps page. You can delete multiple apps from the page at once by long clicking an app in the list, or just one app at a time.

This update has not rolled out to everyone yet. Some users have had the new features for hours, and some are still waiting. I have not received it on my device yet, so if you don’t have it yet, don’t fret, it should roll out very soon.

[via Mashable]