A recently announced update will bring nicer looking screenshots for tablet-sized apps. Of course, these will not be seen until app developers begin uploading new screenshots, however it does give users something to look forward to seeing come available. Basically, Google is now allowing Android app developers to upload screenshots in one of three sizes — phone, 7-inch tablet and 10-inch tablet.

This really just seems to be another point where Google is improving upon the tablet experience. Back in last October we saw Google put out the call for additional tablet-formatted apps. During that time they also released the “tablet app quality checklist” which had a fairly detailed set of guidelines that developers could use when building tablet apps.

While these tablet-friendly goodies are nice to see, we cannot help but feel that it would have been much nicer for these sort of changes to come sooner. While Android tablets are picking up traction more and more, we have to remember that Samsung has been at this for sometime now with the Galaxy Tab lineup.


Again, while announced and being offered by Google, this will only be seen once developers begin to take action. Simply put, things should begin to get a bit easier (and nicer) for tablet users moving forward, but we probably shouldn’t expect to see widespread use of tablet-specific screenshots in the Google Play Store as of today

[via Android Developers Blog]