Google Play Subscriptions Policy

Google has been working on many enhancements these days. We’re not just talking about OS, software, and app updates. The tech giant has also been looking at policies to improve. While the rest of the world is on a lockdown, it may be best for companies and brands to work on many things they’ve been wanting to do. We now have more time for research and development. As for Google, it wants to build more user trust by improving policies.

Trust can be built further with more transparent subscriptions. The only way to do this is to allow mobile consumers a more efficient way to manage app subscriptions. It doesn’t matter whether you have a business or have apps for personal use. Google wants to manage your subscriptions in a more efficient manner.

Developer tools are available to see insights on the Google Play Console. User experience has been improved focusing on the subscription center. Proper information provided to subscribers is just one way to bring trust and just recently, Google has updated its subscription policy. Doing so brings user safety within Google Play. An app developer or provider is required to be transparent about a subscription.

Every detail must be given to users. This builds trust because everything is clear so people can have informed choices. Google requires developers to comply with the subscription policy. This may require clear information on price, billing frequency, offer terms, and even cancellation info. With these details, users are provided some sort of peace of mind because everything is clear.

Google is advising devs to be clear about subscription terms by providing cost, frequency, free trials, introductory offers and other details like duration, what’s included in the offer when the free trial will be converted to paid, and how to cancel. Developers have until June 16, 2020 to comply with the policy. On the Android team’s part, abetter user experience will be provided by them by making some platform-level product changes like checkout cart enhancement, email reminders, reminders on plans or renewal, and notifications sent to active subscribers who uninstall apps among others.


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