Google regularly holds special events and contests for developers and loyal fans. For one, there’s the Indie Games Festival that we first heard about in 2016. We feature the finalists and winners every year and this week is no different. The winners of the 2019 Indie Games Showcase from Google Play have been announced recently. Winners in Japan, South Korea, and Europe have been listed already from the pool of indie titles presented last March. Over at the Android Developers Blog, the tech giant has announced the name of indie developers that won at separate celebrations held in Seoul, Tokyo, and London.

The events were filled with a lot of gamers, journalists, YouTube creators, and industry experts. They all tried the games and judged the titles. They voted for their favorites together with people from the Google Play team.

In Europe, here are the top winners: G30 – A Memory Maze by Ivan Kovalov (Russia), Ordia by Loju (United Kingdom), and Photographs by EightyEight Games (United Kingdom). Top 10 finalists are as follows:

• #DRIVE by Pixel Perfect Dude (Poland)
• Fly THIS! By Northplay (Denmark)
• Golf Peaks by Afterburn (Poland)
• Rest in Pieces by Itatake (Sweden)
• see/saw by Kamibox (Germany)
• STAP by Overhead Game Studio (United Kingdom)
• Tesla vs. Lovecraft by 10tons (Finland)

Check out the winners and finalists from Japan:

• Infection – 感染 – by CanvasSoft (Winner)
• MeltLand by 個人 (Winner)
• Bear’s Restaurant by 個人 (Winner)
• Lunch Time Fish by SoftFunk HULABREAKS
• ReversEstory by 個人
• Kamiori – カミオリ by TeamOrigami
• キグルミキノコ Q-bit -第一章- by 個人
• クマムシさん惑星 ミクロの地球最強伝説 by Ars Edutainment
• Girl x Sun – Terasene – Tower defence & Novel game by SleepingMuseum
• Persephone by Momo-pi

In South Korea, the following winners and finalists have made an impression among the gamers and judges:

• ROOMS: The Toymaker’s Mansion by HandMade Game (Winner)
• Seoul2033: Backer by Banjiha Games (Winner)
• Cartoon Craft by Studio NAP (Winner)
• Hexonia by Togglegear
• Hexagon Dungeon by Bleor Games
• 7Days – Decide your story by Buff Studio
• WhamBam Warriors by DrukHigh
• Onslot Car by Wondersquad
• Maze Cube by IAMABOY
• 언노운 나이츠 by teamarex

The winners will receive special prize packages from Google including special promo on the Play Store, Google hardware, and consultations with different Google teams.