The official Google summer catalog isn’t up yet, but publishers and developers are already putting up their discount signs in preparation for the seasonal buying binge. As always, you will see an assortment of apps, games, and live wallpapers up for grabs, with some as much as 85 percent off!

Unsurprisingly, it will be games that will take up most of the space in the summer market. Some games offer a price cut from the get go, but some, especially those already offered for free, go for in-app purchase discounts instead. Here’s a very incomplete list of what’s on sale this summer:

Blueprint 3D – $0.75 from $1.50
Dead Space – $2 from $8 (NA), (International)
Final Fantasy III and Final Fantasy IV – $8 from $16
Guns and Glory WW2 Premium – $1 from $6 (an 85% discount!)
Little Big Adventure – $2 from $5
Monopoly Millionaire – $0.50 from $1 (NA), (International)
NBA Jam – $1 from $5
Sprinkle Islands – $1 from $2
Temple Run Oz – $1 from $2
– $2 from $5
Worms 3 – $2.5 from $5
Zombies, Run! – $2 from $4

Here are those that only offer in-app discounts:

Iron Force – 30% off some in-app purchases
Reaper – 50% off in-app upgrades
The Sims – 50% off some in-app purchases (NA), (International)
Tetris Blitz – 50% off some in-app purchases (NA), (International)
Theme Park – 40% off some in-app purchases (NA), (International)

Not everything has to be a game. Some rather serious apps are also getting in on the summer fun:

Beautiful Widgets – $1 from 2.75
Bright Weather – $1 from $2.79 (in-app purchase)
MeteoEarth – $1 from $4
Runtastic Sit Ups Pro – $1 from $2
Runtastic Push Ups Pro – $1 from $2
Runtastic Heart Rate Pro – $1 from $2
Runtastic Mountain Bike Pro – $2 from $5
Runtastic Pro – $3 from $5
Weather Pro HD – $1 from $4
Weather Pro – $1 from $2

Plus some live wallpapers to spruce up your screen under the sun:

Asteroids Pack LWP – $1 from $1.95
Galaxy Pack LWP – $1 from $1.95

This is just the tip of the iceberg and more are most likely to come when Google unveils the complete list of Summer Sale vendors. But there will always be some unseen treasure lurking in the corner and we’ll keep our eyes peeled for them, so watch this page and future news on this Android summer fiesta.

VIA: SlashGear, Android Police


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