Google Play Store New Icon

Some of you may probably don’t bother about checking ratings or reviews of apps on the Play Store. For those who do, you will be glad to know there are new icons that will tell you how a particular app is falling off or rising up in the charts. We’re looking at the Play Store charts that may tell you of the ranks. The ranks regularly change on the leaderboard. If you’re on the Play Store now, you may check the new icons on the top app lists.

The top trending apps will show up there. You will see what apps are trending up and down in downloads. The Top Charts tab may also show the rankings.

It’s not clear what are the criteria for going up or down. The downloads are being tracked but at what rate isn’t known as per our source. There is no mention how many slots a game or app has moved up or down.

This change is the Play Store’s effort to keep us updated what old or new apps are trending. It’s something we’ve been wanting to see ever since but it’s only now that Google has introduced the feature by adding the new icon.