Spring is in the air and Google wants you to remember that fact by holding another one of its sales focusing on game content. In this round, quite a number of premium games have slashed their normal prices to a range starting from $1 to just $4.

It is normal for Google to hold such kinds of sales, usually to mark changes in the season. The last one, however, was done just last month to celebrate the 2nd birthday of Google Play Store, the name, not the app marketplace, which has definitely existed long before that. But while that sale was a mishmash of different types of content available from Google, this round focuses squarely on the interactive entertainment kind.

This premium sale collection covers a wide range of genres, ranging from your usual casual mobile games to full-fledged action games. You have the reverse tower defense Anomaly 2 running for only $0.99 along with physical puzzler The Room, which, by the way, is also part of the current Humble Mobile Bundle 5. Adventure game classic Broken Sword: Director’s cut is also part of the deal at the same $0.99. Interestingly, The Dark Knight Rises is in that same price range as well. Higher up the price ladder you get NBA 2K14, bringing the popular sports title for only $2.99. At the top rung with a $3.99 price tag is the Android port of Shadowrun Returns, a turn-based strategy adventure game that interestingly blends the themes of cyberpunk and fantasy.

There’s no telling until when the sale will last, so best grab the titles that tickle your fancy. Of course, the games are restricted by region so some games or even the discounted prices might not be available in all countries.

SOURCE: Google