If you’ve been using Android for some time now then you know that aside from the app on your phone, you can also install apps and games from the browser version of the Google Play Store. However, lately there seems to be a bug that is showing that a lot of games are incompatible with all devices, even if said game is already installed on your phone or is known to be compatible with a lot of smartphones and tablets.

There is already a thread on reddit of users that have been noticing this same problem for the past few days. A lot of games are shown as being incompatible with all devices. However, some of those games are already installed on users’ phones so it doesn’t make sense. And even if it’s not yet installed, it’s rare for new games to show the “this app is incompatible with all of your devices” notification. Some of the games even have a device compatibility list on the info page so it shouldn’t be incompatible at all.

The good news is that this only affects the web browser version of Google Play Store. You can still install the games that you want to install from the app version of Google Play Store on your smartphone or tablet. It is annoying though if you preferred to search and install (or even add to wishlists) your games from the browser version.

So far, Google has not yet responded to these complaints but since the reddit thread is getting traction, expect a reaction and a “we’re working on it” templated response. It may not be a big problem but still, we’re hoping they’re working on solving this issue.

VIA: Android Police, Reddit