The Google Play Store website looks pretty dated already since the last redesign has been a few years ago. It looks like we’re getting our wish even if it may be a couple of years too late. A tipster is seeing a completely redesigned experience for users on the web which seems similar to the Play Store app, only bigger and more overblown so to speak. It seems to be a server-side switch and is being tested out to selected users and countries.

The new look for the web version seems to look like the Google Play Store app itself but diving into it shows that it is a web experience. You will not see the gray background that we’ve gotten used to these past years and gone also is the nested sidebar. At the top, you get the four main sections: Games, apps, movies, and books. Tapping each of these sections, you’ll be able to filter by device: phone, tablet, TV, Chromebook, watch, and car apps.

What you could previously see in the sidebar, you will now find when you tap the account switcher on the upper right corner. There you’ll see various elements like your library, devices, subscriptions, payment methods, order history, activity, rewards, settings, and all other things you would need. While removing these elements from the left navigation bar definitely improves things, hiding them all in the account switcher may not be the best use of the widescreen of the web version, as per Android Police.

The app pages themselves looks similar to the mobile version, only blown up for the web. The app name is shown in a huge tile on the left while on the right, you’ll see the huge icon. The right-aligned sidebar has the contact details for the developer as well as app suggestions based on the algorithm. You’ll see on the app page as well things like download numbers, ratings, age restrictions, then all the other information about the app itself.

Games will have auto-playing trailers while search will have auto-complete recommendations now. This redesign seems to be a work in progress and only shows up in certain countries and not for all users. Once it rolls out for more users, we’ll probably get an official announcement.