Following adjustments made to the Android app version late last year, Google has finally added in-app purchase indicators on the web interface of Google Play Store as well. This little hint could help users know what they’re in for when installing that new game or app.

In-app purchases, or IAP for short, is a sort of two-edged sword. In some ways, it has helped keep some apps free while giving developers a way to still get revenue. On the other hand, however, it seems to have also degraded into a form of modern trialware, sometimes holding even basic functionality or content for ransom. In worse cases, especially in games, it can also be a source of imbalance.

Whatever your take on IAP, it sometimes pays to know which apps have it and which ones don’t. Google added an IAP indicator for each app’s page on Google Play Store for Android last December and now it is doing the same for the web. It may not be a huge improvement, but every little bit counts. At least now you can get an idea which apps or games might not offer the full experience for free, or even after paying a few bucks.

Unfortunately, this system is far from perfect. For one, the IAP indicator doesn’t show up in searches but only in each app’s specific page, though that behavior is consistent with the Android version. Google also doesn’t distinguish if the IAP is for additional or extra content, like power-ups in a game, or is used for upgrading to a pro version, like in Dayframe Prime. though that practice might not actually be in line with Google’s policies anyway.

VIA: Android Police