Google has silently pushed another update out for the Android Market Google Play Store over the past day or so, and you’ll want to get it if you’ve been having any issues lately. The last update was version 3.5.15 and brought tons of changes and new features. This update rolling out now is only minor and wont change things too much visually like the last update has.

The update for the new Store should be hitting devices all weekend and most probably wont even notice it arriving but you can always manually check or manually update with the download links below should you not want to wait. A few were reporting market issues with paid apps from the new “all” tab not displaying correctly and other similar errors and those should all be fixed with today’s new market.

According to the folks over at Android Police the update also brought a few performance enhancements and users should enjoy a slightly quicker, more stable Google Play Store. I’ve been running it since early yesterday but I’ve not experienced any market issues to begin with either. Hit the download link below to get the latest Store yourself and let us know if you still experience any issues.

Play Store v3.5.16 Download