Today it looks like Google has initiated a software update to improve the Google Play Store on our Android smartphones and tablets. We haven’t seen an update to the Play Store for a few months, but today version 3.10.14 is rolling out as we speak according to multiple tips that are coming in. So far we aren’t seeing any new changes sadly.

It has been a few months since anything major has happened regarding changes to the Google Play Store. Just like the past two updates we’ve seen rollout, there’s no significant changes, tweaks, or features to report here. However, being an update we’re sure many of you are wanting the latest and greatest from the folks at Google.

According to AndroidPolice the new Play Store apk rolling out today is only 14KB bigger than the previous version. Which means there’s probably only some very minor changes to the code, tweaks, and things of that nature. However, they do state there seems to be changes to the carrier billing code – probably Verizon related since they’re last on board – otherwise there’s nothing new.

You can expect some tweaks, bug fixes, and hopefully some slightly better performance from the update. Let us know if you notice any changes or see a significant increase in performance using the Play Store. Again we’re being updated from version 3.10.10 to 3.10.14 and you should receive it shortly. I’m hoping for a slight redesign and maybe more options and filters later this year. Maybe Google will show a new Play Store with Key Lime Pie at Google I/O in May. We’ll see!