Today Google has just issued an update to the Google Play Store. For those that have already received it, you’ll quickly notice they’ve added a few awesome and much awaited for features. We haven’t seen an update since August, but today they’ve started rolling out Google Play Store version 3.9.16 to the masses. Read on below for more details and download links.

First off everything works better with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. While we know not everyone is enjoying Jelly Bean yet, the expanded notifications have been completely overhauled. You now have full expandable notifications from the Google Play Store for updates, and upon updating an app you get the actual app or games icon, not just a generic logo. Little things like this makes for a more polished experience.

Then the other major new thing here is the ability to remove apps from your list. If you’re like me, you download tons of apps and games and that “all apps” list in the Play Store is extremely long. Now you can easily go through and delete apps you know you have no interest in. If you’ve ever got a new phone and had to search through that entire “all” list forever you’ll know the feeling. This is an extremely welcomed change. Now I just wish there was a way to filter it to show only purchased apps — as it did before.

It looks like Google’s actually trimmed the size down on the Google Play Store, and the actual APK size is smaller than before. So far it seems nice and quick, the remove feature is extremely easy and you can even long press for multi-select and wipe out an entire list with ease. Simply install this right over the previous Google Play Store and you’re good to go.

Google Play Store: download

[via Android Police]