With the hundreds or thousands of apps that are going in, updating themselves, or offering deals, it’s hard to keep up with all of what’s going on in the Google Play Store. It looks like they are now testing out some new features that will help make sure you know all about those goings-on as they’re rolling out two new things to select users. One is an update for all the important deals that you would want to know while the other is adding two new categories in the main navigation bar.

If you’re part of the users that get the first feature, you’ll get a notification that asks you if you want to stay in the loop and if you tap on the “Yes, I’m in” button, this means you’ll receive notification about the latest deals and updates on popular apps, including discounts on paid ones and also in-app purchases that may be discounted or free for a time. This may still be in the early testing stage as those who already opted in haven’t gotten any notifications yet.

The other feature being tested is the New and Premium categories that you’ll see (well if you’re part of the test group) in the main navigation bar of the Google Play Store. The New section will show the latest apps that have been added to the store, including apps and games that are still in the pre-registration phase. The Premium section will show paid apps and games although how it will differ from the Top Charts remains to be seen.

Not everyone will of course see these two new things and they seem to be server-side updates so there is no APK to “force” your Google Play Store to display them. Hopefully they will do a wider roll-out soon if things go according to plan.

VIA: XDA Developers