It happens ever so rarely that when it happens, users seem go on red alert. It seems that Google Play Store is experiencing yet another partial downtime and is bringing up the dreaded 403 error message for a good number of Android users.

Actually this error has come up once in a while, often randomly and without any explanation given afterwards. It’s not exactly a fatal error but it does prevent users from downloading or updating apps. It can be an annoyance and an inconvenience at worst.

Unfortunately for users, there isn’t really anything they can do about it, other than wait, and maybe complain. The issue usually resolves itself after a few hours, though even that is no assurance. Hopefully there is nothing critical that needs to be updated under a time limit.

If one can live with slightly outdated apps for a few hours, or even a day, then maybe the time waiting can be used doing other tasks, like maybe catching up on the latest Android news here.

VIA: Droid Life