With millions of apps and games available at the Google Play Store, it’s a tough world out there for both the developers and the users. Discoverability has been a key issue for the former, and finding the best app for their needs is important for the latter. That’s why the Top Apps section should have been really important, except that the games and the apps are all mixed in one pile. But now, it seems like GPS has realized the problem, as some users found that there are actually links to a Top Apps section that excludes games, both for the free and the paid.

The URL for the Top Android Apps appeared to be unlisted, but they’re there if you know where to look (from articles like ours, for example). They have already filtered out the games from these lists, so no need to wade through all the Minecraft and Angry Birds games when all you’re looking for is a decent productivity app. There are three links that you can look at: Top Apps (where both free and paid are mixed together), Top Free Apps (always a favorite of course), and Top Paid Apps (for those who don’t mind shelling out a little moolah).

If you’re looking for an app that will show you the top apps though, there are also some available. One of these is simply called Apps – Play Store Link, and it will give you a no games version of the Play Store, if you have no intention of downloading games on your Android device.

Google might be testing this feature privately, so maybe we can expect an announcement or a public URL soon. This is one change that most people will probably be happy about.

VIA: Phandroid