If you download a lot of apps to try them out, you will probably encounter one or two (or more) that you’ll eventually delete. But if you buy the app, the refund policy for Google Play Store purchases is still sometimes a bit too complicated and so not a lot of people avail of it. Google has been trying to fix these policies over the years and the latest change is that they’re opening a 14-day refund window for those living in the European Economic Area.

In the past, there’s a 48-hour window after you purchase an app or make in-app purchases for subscriptions and services for your Android device where you can contact Google and get refunded for the full amount. After that period has elapsed, you will have to go directly to the app developer to ask for a refund, but it’s not a guarantee that they will give you one. The new policy now still gives you a two-hour window where Google automatically approves your refund request.

After that has elapsed, you now get a 14-day period where you can still get a refund if you wish to. Technically, you could actually have that window as well under the EU rules, except that it doesn’t apply to services. But now, apps, content subscriptions, and services all get that same refund window.

This period is only applicable for those living in the European Economic Area and is based under the EU rules’ 14-day cooling off period for consumers.

VIA: Android Police


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