It seems like only yesterday we were talking about Google Play gift cards, which honestly are still quite hard to come by. Today however we have a brand new way for users to upload money to their Google Play Store account with a new “Buy Google Play Credit” system right from the web store.

Google’s been adding new options and features to their Play Store at a rapid pace as of late. Between slightly new user interface changes, gift cards, wishlists which are still coming soon, and then just last week the Play Store received a nice upgrade. Now you can buy Play Store Credit right from Google on their web version.

The problem is only half-solved here though. For one, users that didn’t want to use their credit card still won’t get any help from this system. And two, you can only upload credit to your own account. Until Google makes it so I can purchase credit for, you know, someone else, this feature is somewhat pointless.

If a friend or family member is willing to let you access their Google account, you can now load up their account with $5-$50 worth of cash to spend in the Google Play Store on apps, games, music, movies, books, magazines and more. The only real benefit for now we see is parents adding funds to their kids smartphone or tablet. Hopefully it’s only a matter of time before you can give others a game or app without using gift cards. To try it yourself hit the source link below and just scroll to the very bottom.

[via Google Play Store]