When you’re browsing the Google Play Store randomly, you sometimes wonder why there are some apps that are still allowed to be there, for various reasons. And then you hear news of some apps being removed from there for some totally random or stupid reason. Tapatalk was a popular app from the past few years but suddenly found itself suspended by Google for some undisclosed reason. Their social media apps have not mentioned anything about this although a source from the company said they’re looking into it.

If you’re not familiar with the app, Tapatalk allowed users to access web forums from within a single app since most websites back then didn’t have a mobile-friendly layout and it was hard to browse discussions on a mobile device. It’s not as popular now as it was back then, mostly because websites have improved a lot when it comes to mobile readability but it still had some pretty loyal users.

If you’ve been using the app for some time, you shouldn’t be affected. But if you were curious about it and wanted to download it, it has totally disappeared from the Google Play Store, according to Android Police. Some users started noticing this late last week. And while it is functioning for regular users, those who were using the VIP subscription will have some trouble as it is reliant on Google Play in-app billing.

An admin from Tapatalk said on their own forums that they were looking into this to find out why their app was removed. The fact that their social media channels have been inactive the past few months may be a bit concerning as to the status of the developer but hopefully that’s just because they don’t see the need for social media content. But in any case, hopefully, they’ll be able to resolve this and bring back the app to the Play Store.

As for possible reasons for the app removal, there is the usual violation of policies and all that, although we can’t think of any reason how the app which has been there for years has suddenly violated something. There have been some cases when the reason was something mundane so maybe someone just made a mistake and that will be rectified soon.