The Force is strong with Google. Or at least that’s what it would like us to believe. And to prove that, it has put up a selection of items on Google Play Store for a rather tempting discount in order to lure people into the Droid side.

Not many might be aware how May 4 has unofficially become Star Wars Day, celebrated by fans of the franchise all over the world. This is due to “May the 4th” sounding quite similar to “May the Force be with you”, an iconic phrase first used in the films. It is practically a geek’s holiday that has bled into mainstream consciousness. Being the haven of all things geeky, Google has decided to become one with the Force and push prices down a notch for this annual commemoration.

Google Play Store’s sale catalog is filled to the brim with Star Wars and Star Wars-related content, from games to ebooks. While Star Wars Tiny Tower has been free for quite some time, Angry Birds Star Wars isn’t, but at least costs only $0.99 during this promo period. A couple of novels are also available, though the faithful should know by now that some of these are now considered non-canon. Still, if you’ve got a collector’s fever and want to get a hold of digital copies of these titles, now might be a nice time to reel them in.

And grab them quickly, you might want. May 4th is still a good 2 days away so the sale is likely to stay up until then. How long it will remain available afterwards, only the council over at Google would know. The promo page linked below might not be available in some markets, but do check each item’s price as they are sometimes still adjusted to match the sale prices.

SOURCE: Google Play Store


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