For those Android loving users up in Canada that have been hoping to be able to use Google’s Play Store gift cards, we have some good news. After Google initially launched the service in the US only, it’s slowly making its way to other regions around the globe. Earlier this month they launched Gift cards for the UK, and we’re hearing Canada is next.

The entire Play Store gift card situation has been rather odd. The system for using and redemption has been available for some time, but getting retailers on board has probably been the setback. Now that they are in the US and the UK, Canada is up next and should be getting the option any time now. Possible in the next few weeks.

After receiving a few tips that Canadian devices were starting to see the option to redeem gift cards in their Play Store, we’re now seeing a wider confirmation at Blank’s Universe but nothing officially from Google. While there is still no retailers offering Play Store gift cards in Canada, the back-end service on their Play Store is slowly being rolled out.

A few users have since confirmed that now when hitting the menu button in the Play Store, the “redeem” option is showing up for those in Canada. If you’d like to see if they are available in your region, feel free to check here. We’re expecting to hear more in the coming days from Google. Has the option popped up on your device yet? Let us know in the comments below.

[via Phandroid]