Google Play Store Search Filter

The Google Play Store is probably more widely used these days by millions of Android mobile consumers. Being on lockdown is making a lot of people crazy and bored. But of course, there are numerous solutions to that. Google, for one, has been offering solutions and updates to its many products and services. Google Duo now allows group calls in Chrome. YouTube has received updates as streaming and watch time increase. There’s also the ‘Read Along by Google’ app ready for the young children.

The Google Play Store needs to be updated as well. Its search function is somewhat basic. The tech giant is already testing filters in search. Doing this will finally refine the results and the top apps are expected to surface on the results.

The Play Store usually shows results for apps that contain a certain keyword. They are very generic but since Google is the search giant, then it can definitely improve on app search results.

Google Play is receiving a generic filter set which can now be refined. You can choose ‘New’, ‘Editor’s Choice’, or 4.0+ or 4.5+ rating. Depending on what you want or need, you can apply those filters. You can choose one or all three.

With this update, Google Play Store search results will soon show more relevant results and not just the highly-rated apps. Choosing ‘New’ will show the latest one from old or new developers. It is recommended because you will see all that is new.

At the moment, the search filters on Google Play aren’t available on all markets yet. A server-side update will be released in the coming day so watch out for that. Don’t be surprised if you see these changes on the Play Store the next time you search for new or specific mobile apps.


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