The folks up in Mountain View at Google HQ have been on a roll lately when it comes to Play Store updates, as we’ve received three in the past few weeks. For those keeping track we received an all-new and completely redesigned Play Store earlier this month and now we’re getting a few minor updates, but so far it doesn’t appear that they’ve changed anything significant.

Back on April 9th Google rolled out a brand new and completely different Play Store, then last week multiple users were updated from 4.0.25 to a minor .26, and this afternoon it appears that Google’s pushing another bug fixing update out for their storefront. I jumped straight to 4.0.27 myself, and so far there appears to be absolutely zero changes up top.

Most likely these are bug fixes and things behind the scenes, because we aren’t seeing any changes on our end. We have heard a few users claim 4.0.27 added some elements that could enable a light/dark theme option in the future, but we haven’t heard anything further on that yet. So we’ll check it out and report back. However, back a few weeks ago we posted plenty of details for those wanting a Black Google Play Store.

According to Android Police Google made a few very small changes to translations and such with this release, but they didn’t find anything else either. So this is nothing special. Should you want the latest and greatest Play Store get it from the download link below and just install over the current store, or hang tight as yours should update automatically soon enough.

Play Store v4.0.27 download