We told you more deals were bound to appear this weekend and it looks like they are already starting. With Max Payne and multiple Gameloft games all being offered for just $.99 cents today Google has finally kicked off their end of summer sale. So far there’s well over 20 apps listed, and surely we’ll be seeing more later this week.

Google Play as usual has finally started their end of summer sale and the easiest way to find most of the apps getting discounted is an easy search for “***end of summer sale” and you’ll find all the goods. That or you can simply click here for deals!

Multiple top apps like SwiftKey 3, Beautiful Widgets, Gameloft’s most popular apps, wallpapers, Crystal Defenders, Lorax and more have all hit the bargain bin prices we all love to see. This isn’t the first time Google’s done this, and it won’t be the last. Between their end of summer sale and anything for the Labor Day weekend you can expect to find some great deals in the Play Store.

Now would also be a good time to check out the newly introduced gift card option for the Google Play Store. Maybe buy a gift card for a friend so they can enjoy all the great deals. With summer coming to and end and school finally starting up now’s the perfect time to buy a few more apps and games. We still don’t see a banner or promotion tile in the Play Store app yet but we expect it to be arriving anytime now. Let us know if you find any great deals!

Google Play Store

— Thanks to everyone who sent this in!