If you’re traveling a lot, of course you already have your go-to apps like Agoda, Lonely Planet, Trip Advisor, etc. But if you’re looking for something maybe a little bit out of the ordinary, you can easily drown in all the apps in the Google Play Store. They may have a solution for that as you can now set it up that Google can use your Gmail itinerary to figure out what apps to recommend for your travel.

Okay, it may sound kind of creepy that you suddenly find Google recommending Japan travel apps for you just when you got your e-ticket for that trip to Tokyo. But that’s because you actually gave them permission to use the itineraries saved in your email and so they know what are the apps that you may need or you may want. Just go to the settings, turn on the “use itineraries from gmail” option, and voila, your Google Play Store will “magically” give you your heart’s desire, at least app-wise.

But of course if privacy is your concern and you’re a little worried about giving them access to this part of your life (although technically, since it’s in your email, they do know it to some extent), you have the option to turn this off. But remember, app discoverability is a huge problem given the thousands of apps that are out there. So at least they will help narrow it down to wherever you’re going.


If the update hasn’t arrived yet for your Google Play Store, you can also download the APK Mirror to explore this new feature.

VIA: Greenbot