Today we received a few neat little treats from Google. First they launched their new app Google Keep, and now we’re seeing what looks to be a brand new version of the Google Play Store. While everyone is currently on Play Store version 3.10.14 or so, the folks from Droid-Life reportedly have the brand new version that’s coming soon. They received an apk listed as version 4.0.16 and it’s showing a brand new Play Store.

We’re not really sure what to make of this leak, especially considering the Play Store doesn’t ever leak out until it’s actually ready for prime-time. The version reportedly received by DL clearly isn’t ready for mass consumption, and has a few issues and doesn’t fully work. That being said, that could be a sign this is indeed the real deal and Google’s backend isn’t up and running for it yet.

This is a brand new look we haven’t seen from Google. Not just a slight change like the Store has undergone over the past months. They’ve completely changed everything and given the UI an overhaul and brought it more in line with their Holo design guidelines. Everything is simple and clean, the font has changed, and all the colors have too. Each category has a bigger header and the colors match as usual, but it has a grainy look and isn’t completely filled in. Take that as you will.

If this is indeed real, we’re loving the new look. All the icons are larger, everything is all about content and looks much cleaner. All the apps are listed with a similar look and feel as Google Now cards when you head to the “My Apps” section, and as you see above the icons are clearly larger. There’s big icons, large magazine photos and album artwork everywhere to grab your attention.

Screen Shot 2013-03-20 at 4.35.23 PM

We won’t go over everything as for now this doesn’t appear to be confirmed. It looks pretty legit, but we’ll reserve judgement until we hear or see more details. For a full rundown hit the source link below and see what Droid-Life has to say about it. What do you guys think? Could this be an early look at where Google’s headed with 5.0 Key Lime Pie?

[via Droid-Life]