We didn’t miss the Google Play Services 7.0 update but we’re only noticing some new stuff in there. One of which is Trusted Voice that is actually a new smart lock entry feature. It allows voice control or voice command to unlock any Android device. It’s a nice update but the full setting required wasn’t easily accessible and visible in the app during the initial release.

We’ve been expecting a full rollout and looks like it’s already available. To check, click on the option under smart lock to bring you to the app’s settings. Voice unlocking is said to be less secure compared to other unlocking options but it sure is faster. Two taps, say something, and phone is quickly unlocked for you to use.

The app is used to update native Google apps and more apps from Google Play. It provides authentication to several Google services, access to user privacy settings, location-based services, and synchronized contacts. With the app, you can also speed up app navigation, gaming, and offline searches.

With the new 7.0 version, some improvements in Google Play Games are also visible. There’s the new Nearby Connections API while some Fit API were also improved like activity data types and distance and calorie computation. App Indexing API and GoogleApiClient API improvements were also included. You can now integrate API start and end flows and retrieve OAuth2.0 tokens in more simplified ways.

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