We thought that the wait for Android Pay was almost over, but a few minutes later, we were proven wrong. We were already disappointed that the rumored launch last Wednesday was obviously wrong, but our hopes were up when the newest update of Google Play Services came out, as Android Pay was already visible. However, this may just be a very short preview, as the feature is still unusable at this point and eventually “disappears”.

If you’re not yet familiar with what Android Pay is, it’s Google’s new NFC payments solution that was announced at their IO earlier this year. You can make payments just by tapping your phone to the POS system of any store. Unlike Google Wallet which is a separate app, this one is actually built into the system and is much less complicated. It can also support fingerprint readers and other security measures.

When you update your Google Play Services app to version 8.1, you’ll notice that under the “Tap and pay” options, you now had the choice between Google Wallet and Android Pay. But if you choose the latter, you’ll see that Google still doesn’t support it and there’s no application for the service. Now, when you go back to your settings, then you’ll see that the Android Pay option will not be there anymore.

So yeah, thanks a lot Google for getting us all excited about nothing. There is still no sure news as to when Android Pay will be officially launched, so we will have to wait a bit more before we can pay by tapping our phones.

VIA: Android Authority